Getting a Handle on Type 2 Diabetes – Part 3

I am not a doctor, or a diabetes specialist. I am learning about being diabetic as a recently diagnosed person. Please always check with your doctor before adapting any information to your personal situation.

And the final installment – the third lesson from my appointment with a Diabetes specialist. If you are diabetic and haven’t talked to a specialist, I encourage you to do so. I feel so empowered after that appointment.

3) Can I really be off medication for life?

Yes. [Remember, I’m not on insulin.] Once I get my readings consistent for six months, I can discuss with my doctor about reducing one of the meds [I’m on two.] and again after another six months of consistent readings, I can try to reduce the second. As long as my blood glucose responds favourably to being off medication, my diabetes would be in remission. Cured? Nope, but I can control it. If I falter in diet or exercise it will come back. It’s up to me.

It’s all about life long changes.

See Part 1 and Part 2

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