Killing Cardio with TED

I hate cardio workouts. I basically hate anything that’s repetitive.

I came to realize that walking on a treadmill, cycling on a stationary bike, or skiing on an elliptical is just not going to cut it for me. I’m also too uncoordinated (aka embarrassed) to join a class. Cardio workouts are a real dilemma and I mostly just avoid them. But, as I could no longer ignore this part of my exercise routine, I had to find a solution. And, me, being a problem solver extraordinaire 😉 – found one: Image result for ted talk logo

I love TED Talks, but rarely sit around watching them. “I don’t have time.” But I do have time if I’m bored out of my tree on an Arc Trainer. Watching a TED Talk while I “ski/step” has proved to be an excellent solution.

At the gym, I do my weight routine and then pick my TED Talk and use an Arc Trainer for the duration of the talk. The time goes much faster and I’m not bored. I still watch the clock a bit — I really do hate cardio — but the time ticks along by minutes instead of seconds.

Here are TED Talks I’ve watched that are worth checking out:

Do you have tricks to get through the things you don’t like doing? Please share your ideas with me.

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