Planning around “Fun Food”

smoreOne of my favourite family activities is to have a backyard fire. And of course the kids want hotdogs or smokies. And sometimes s’mores. Fortunately, I don’t like marshmallows, so s’mores are easy for me to avoid.

I make particular food choices on days when I know I’ll be eating a “fun food” meal. It means everything else I eat needs to be spot on.

On this day my meals went like this:

  • First thing: Fresh squeezed lemon juice with filtered water
  • Breakfast: Raw Cacao Banana Smoothie
  • Lunch: Handful of raw cashews, and cut veggies
  • Supper: Fire roasted smokies (2) with more cut veggies
  • 1 handful of chips during Big Hero 6 family movie night
  • Filtered water throughout the day




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