A Vegan Salad Dressing Find

I often eat my salads with no dressing at all, I’ve learned to appreciate the taste of fresh veggies and I enjoy it. If I do want to add a little something, typically I drizzle a bit of olive oil. And rarely, I will make my own dressings with flavoured oils and vinegars from Prairie Oils and Vinegars (Steinbach) or Frescolio (Winnipeg). Which are usually pretty amazing when you add some fresh herbs too.

But recently, there was a trip to Vita Health, where I did my usual take-my-time perusal of the store and came across vegan dressings by Earth Island. Pleasantly surprised, the ingredients list has no sugar and, obviously, no dairy. I could also not only pronounce all the ingredients, but I knew what they all were. Bonus! I tried Caesar and Thousand Island and recommend both.


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