Are you a visual eater?

What’s a visual eater? If you add food to your plate, not based on what you should eat, but based on making the plate look full, you’re eating with your eyes as opposed to based on hunger signals from your body.

Many in our family are visual eaters and my husband and I worked together to find a simple solution: Eat off smaller plates and bowls.

2018-08-22 14.41.15It’s an ideal solution for visual eaters. The orange plate, pictured left (or above on your phone) is our standard dinner plate, along with our new smaller option. We only kept two of the large plates: 1) They are the perfect size for serving platters, believe it or not! And 2) They are okay to use if making a salad, because eating a lot of greens is always good.

Although, I must admit, I made my own salad bowl at Brush Fire, a paint-your-own-pottery business in Winnipeg, about a year ago and it’s my favourite for salads. Pictured here (with comparison to a standard plate): 2018-08-28 12.12.04

2018-08-22 14.42.53We also selected smaller bowls, again, the larger bowl is okay for something extremely healthy (like Flexitarian Chili!) But the smaller beige bowls are better for us visual eaters.

2018-08-22 14.41.47For something a bit more eye-catching and fun, we also picked up the white square plates as an option, which compare in size to the beige round ones.

Consider your eating habits. Are you a visual eater? Would you benefit with smaller portion sizes from choosing smaller plates and bowls?


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