Easy Swap: Salt

Many people ask how to get started making healthier choices. Making slow changes is always recommended. For people looking for simple ways to get healthier, I’m starting a segment called “easy swap.” I’ll be giving examples of products I have personally replaced with healthier options. And I’ll also explain why these options are better for you.

There’s no expectation on anyone to just empty their cupboards and start from scratch. That’s ridiculous, a waste and expensive. But I encourage swapping things out as you need to replace them. This keeps making healthy choices affordable.


Easy Swap: White table salt for sea salt
or Himalayan pink salt.



Ani's Raw Food KitchenAccording to Ani Phyo, in Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen, iodized salt (regular table salt) comes from salt mines and is dried at extremely high temperatures. Minerals are removed  until it’s pure sodium chloride. However, sea salt comes unrefined from the ocean or sea.

Sea salt contains over seventy trace elements, enzymes and minerals. Himalayan salt comes from the Himalayas and is claimed to be over 250 million years old. There are claims that it’s the purest salt available, free of toxins and contaminants. It’s not only the healthier choice, but also tastes better.

Next time you need salt, pick sea salt or pink salt instead.

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