Mindset Reset

75-mel-robbins-quotesYou may have seen me mention Mel Robbins on my blog in the past, or share her Tweets on Twitter, etc. I really like what she has to say. On January 1st, she started a 35-day online training program called Mindset Reset. It’s about learning to change your negative thinking habits into deliberate and positive thinking about yourself. And best of all it’s FREE!

I got this gem from her today:

“Everything is normal. There is
no right way to live your life.”
~ Mel Robbins. 

So, I’m giving Mindset Reset a shout out! I’m really liking the program so far and ready to make some positive headway in 2019. How about you?

I also recommend her TEDTalk: How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over and her interview with Tom Bilyeu on Impact Theory. Both well worth the time!

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