Easy Swap: Ketchup

I don’t use a lot of ketchup, but I was feeling guilty about the sugar when I did use it.

I had looked up recipes to make my own, but there’s a shelf life to homemade ketchup of just a few days. I don’t use it up fast enough and felt I’d be wasting food. Plus, I’m not sure I’m that into making my own ketchup…


A few months ago, I was at the health food store and found Crazy Mooskies Gourmet Tomato Ketchup. The ingredients list Stevia as the sweetener.

I asked the people who work there if they’d heard anything about the product. They hadn’t heard anything about the ketchup, it was relatively new, however, Crazy Mooskies made a popular BBQ sauce.

I took a chance and decided to try it. I’m glad I did, it tastes good. I like it.


The only thing I have an issue with is that it’s thinner than ketchup. Now, on one hand, the fact that it comes in a glass bottle means I don’t have to pound on the bottom of it, karate chop the side of it, or stick a butter knife in it to get the ketchup out. But on the other hand, it is quite runny. I’d like it if they found a happy medium and thickened it up just a bit. BUT, it tastes good and it’s a far better option over regular ketchup. And I just remind myself to tip the bottle slowly.

So, if you’re looking for a good sugar-free ketchup replacement, I recommend Crazy Mooskies. And how fun is that company name?!

(Nope, they didn’t pay me for this review. I purchased this product myself.)

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  1. When you rise the topic of ketchup, never use Indian ketchups now a days. I don’t want to mention any brand but all of the brands are worst. Butter to use self-made ketchup. Branded ketchups will destroy your recipe.


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