Tip Tuesday: Mixing veggies

At New Year’s Eve dinner my mom served mashed yams. I love mashed yams. I love yams, period. However, these had an interesting flavour to them, that I really liked, but couldn’t place.

“Turnip,” Mom said.

boy-1528150_1920I was dumbfounded. Turnip! “Well, congratulations, Mom. You just got me to eat a turnip for first time in decades.” What else could I say? The combination of yams with turnip was fantastic. She said she used about half yams and half turnip, and didn’t add anything else to them.

So that leads me to my tip today — Mix your veggies to maximize variety.

Soups and stews are a great place to sneak in some less desired veggies. Or, like my mom, mash them together. Experiment with flavours, you’ll be surprised. The trick is to mix the less desirable veg with a stronger flavoured one. Adding in herbs, spices, seasonings etc. also help.

Do you have any veggie combinations that you really enjoy? Please share them in the comments.


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