Easy Swap: Anything but white rice!

Being diabetic, watching my carbohydrate intake is necessary. I don’t cut carbs completely, but reduce them significantly by looking for healthier substitutions.

I have a significant blood sugar spike when I eat rice, potatoes, or pasta. So much so, that I become exhausted to the point that I almost can’t function, my focus becomes fuzzy, and I fall asleep. Not everyone experiences this, as I’ve learned from carb-lovers who are quick to argue with me “that it’s what I put on my potato, not the potato itself.” As I state on my website, everyone is an individual and this is my story. Maybe you don’t have this experience, or maybe you do have this experience, but have never put two and two together to connect tiredness to something you ate. Does your lunch time sandwich (bread) or burger and fries (bread and potatoes) or lasagna (pasta) make you wish we celebrated afternoon siestas in our North American culture? (We sure missed the boat on that one!) Depending on what I eat for lunch, at 2:00 p.m. I can be ready for a serious nap.

Anyway, back to rice. I found some replacements that work better for me. I scrapped all white rice, pasta, and most potatoes from our grocery list. I say most potatoes, because my husband loves potatoes, so if he’s cooking they may show up  as part of dinner. Don’t get me wrong, I love potatoes, but I just eat a few.

I keep digressing…. 🙂

20190306_095652.jpgI replace white rice with lentils, wild rice, grain blends, brown rice and quinoa. I use quinoa or chickpea pasta to replace regular pasta. Although I will also use the ancient grain pasta, as this is found more commonly in grocery stores. I have found the chickpea pasta at Costco (but sadly, not on my most recent visit).

These substitutions all have health benefits far out reaching white rice and pasta. Consider mixing it up and trying different options with your meals.


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