Improving me, to help you.

I believe it was June 2018 that I announced my plan to become a certified natural nutritionist. At that time, my plan was to register in the fall of 2018 and I was going to be sharing fascinating tidbits that I learned here with you.


Although I do share what I learn from their recommended reading list, we had some life stuff happen and my fall plan didn’t come together the way I hoped. I wasn’t able to register at that time.


However, I’m so excited to say that I have now registered for my program and today is my first day of official study! I can’t wait to start this journey. Holistic nutrition and healthy lifestyle have been a passion (and struggle) of mine for many years.

So stay tuned, as I look forward to sharing about the amazing ways that food affects our bodies and how natural nutrition aids in our health and well-being. I want to improve my own journey, so I can help others through theirs.


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  1. Good luck with your course Suzanne. Looking forward to learning along with you.

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