Tip Tuesday: Chew, chew, chew and other digestion aids

One thing that’s been made clear as I study, is that supporting our digestive system is of utmost importance. The better we eat, the better our bodies processes what we eat, the better nutrients our bodies receives from that food, the better we feel, the healthier we are…the list goes on.

giraffe-1575099_1280Part of me feels like this is such a basic ‘Tip Tuesday’, however, I also figure if I was able to clarify information for myself, then maybe others also benefit from the same clarification.

Digestive health starts in our mouth. Enzymes in our saliva start the process of food breakdown which helps aid the stomach, large intestine, small intestine, and so on, with being able to optimally pull nutrients from our food to feed our cells.

So the advice you’ve heard – chew your food 30 times before swallowing – it isn’t an exaggeration. Sending large half-chewed chunks of food to your stomach makes it a laborious process, I mean, the stomach’s not designed to chew, right? Many nutrients are then lost, unable to be absorbed by the body.

Taking smaller bites naturally makes us chew more. If bites are too big, we tend to swallow large chunks in order to be able to chew smaller pieces. I’ve made this observation myself in how bite size really does effect how much we chew. You’d think we’d have to chew bigger bites more, but we don’t…

So, relax, take smaller bites, enjoy the flavour and texture of what you’re eating. Thirty chews is not a set rule, it could take more. Allowing your teeth and saliva to do their job is a big step in the direction of good digestive health.

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