The liar in your head.

I’m facing THAT moment. Tonight is my last evening of on ramp cross-fit lessons. After today, I have to buy an actual membership and then start a new routine. Feels a bit daunting to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, the training has been great… mostly. I mean I feel good after, so that’s important.

Ok, so do you ever feel like you really don’t belong somewhere, yet know that it’s all in your head? Of course you belong! No one at the gym bites. Everyone has been amazingly friendly. It’s my own hang ups. It’s that lovely negative self-talk that threatens to doom each of us, unless we fight with intention against it. And I do intend to fight it and go through with this. “Just think how much I’ll appreciate this commitment six months from now.” That’s what I tell myself. If I don’t do it, I’ll be in the same place I am now, six months from now. And by then, “I will have completed six months of cross-fit and be ready to take on Spring in a whole new way.” That’s also what I tell myself. I won’t post here all the negative crap I say, mostly because I know it’s so horrendous that I couldn’t face writing it. Seeing the words could make them more real and we don’t want that. So, take all that crap and push it away where it belongs. And stay focused on the good stuff, the potential, what’s in store when I succeed. Do you correct your negative self-talk too?

Don’t listen to the liar in your head. You got this.

Tonight I will sign up for a membership before I leave the building. And I will register for classes this week. Whatever it is you need to do to keep moving forward, don’t wait. Just do it.

This whole cross-fit adventure has been just about that for me – just do it. I don’t let myself overthink it, I just go. If I overthought it, I’m sure I’d have never signed up in the first place. It was purely by chance really. I had emailed this place a few months ago (see, I didn’t act on it then…you know, because summer is busy.) But I didn’t stop thinking about it. I figured I’d take it up in the fall. And then fall came, and almost went, BUT I received an email from the guy I’d been emailing months ago and his message said that they had an on ramp starting that night and if I was interested there was still room… I responded yes and hit send before I even checked my calendar. We sorted out a few details (being a last minute sign-up and all) but I’d already sent my commitment message – yes. Sometimes, you need to make that move without thinking it through.

So, I’m doing it, I said yes. Is there something you need to say yes to?

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