A funny moment at Crossfit:

The coach was helping me figure out push presses.

[What’s a push press? Resting a bar across the front of your shoulders, you squat and drive up fast, pushing through your legs so the energy travels to the bar that then jumps up towards the ceiling, using your arms to finish the move holding the bar above your head.]

I have found it takes a lot of coordination to do many of the exercises I’m learning. Arms and legs working together in perfect timing.

So, the coach is watching me and then he smiles and so kindly says, “It’s a bit delicate, Suzanne. I don’t know how else to describe it.” I burst out laughing! I totally understood what he meant, but no one… No. One. Has ever used the word “delicate” and my name in the same sentence before! It’s okay – laugh, it was funny.

He then proceeded to give little pointers. Now I’ve learned that these little pointers are truly the key to “getting it.” He showed me how the bar bounces off his chest without the use of his arms at all, if you get enough drive through your legs. “Pretend the bar’s going to hit the ceiling,” he said. Then he pointed out the sound of the ball bearings clinking when you get the move right. Those little things made all the difference. I even did a few successfully myself.

And wow… found my lower back muscles. Hello!

The only way is up, right? I’m still having fun. 🙂

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