I beat my odds! A CrossFit journey.

Well first off, Happy New Year, everyone! I do hope your holiday season was safe and filled with good memories.

My biggest hindrance to keeping up a gym schedule is a break in routine. Often, I can be amazing at keeping at it until 1) Christmas break 2) Spring Break 3) Summer break or 4) I get sick and have to take a break. After such occasions, I regularly fail at getting back to my gym schedule and it can take a long time to get that motivation back. It’s been my biggest road block to keeping it up.

Until now. And this is what I was hoping for from CrossFit. I’m really proud of myself because I A) kept my CrossFit scheduled through Christmas break and then B) got a cold last week and had to cancel all my CrossFit bookings, but waited until the morning of the class to cancel to see how I was feeling. THEN today, feeling much better, attended class and have booked in my classes for this week. I DID IT! Two major issues of the past, conquered.

And a bit of an update on how I’m enjoying CrossFit – I’m at about six weeks now and still loving it. I’m working to many modifications, but that’s the beauty of it – everyone works at their own pace, non-judged. And I see many improvements in myself. Mentally – much clearer, feeling better, mood up. Physically – I notice many changes in my body and my husband has too :), not yet to the point that others would notice though. I put on a pair of pants yesterday and they were too big! So, noticeable difference in my legs and, so far, I still have boobs. So that’s a good thing. LOL. And, not that I thought I had an issue standing up from the sofa, but it’s amazing when you get stronger how little, every-day, things get easier that you didn’t realize were “difficult.”

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