Tip: sticking to a gym schedule

I’ve said already that one of the reasons that drew me to checkout CrossFit is that you need to register for classes. It forces me to check my schedule each week and book in my sessions. Typically, I have a regular schedule as I prefer routine, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and now I add in a Saturday or Sunday depending on our weekend schedule.

However, life is messy and one of my significant issues with keeping my gym schedule was hiccups. Missing one day could blow my routine for the week. A meeting here or there would disrupt my routine and I’d have trouble getting back to it.

But I’ve learned something about having to register for classes, and this can apply to any gym schedule — pre-book your gym time each week into your calendar. It forces you to look at your week ahead of time. If something has come up that disrupts your regular routine, then you see it coming, and set yourself another gym time, that week, that does work. Even if a last minute issue arises and you can’t get to the gym at your routine time that day, immediately look at your calendar and plan when you can get that workout in. Do not “skip” a workout, just “move” it.

I was at a meeting on Wednesday a.m. (during my regular CrossFit class). So, last week I moved my session to Thursday instead. (I would have preferred Wednesday evening, but I had yet another appointment.) At the meeting, it was decided that it needed to be a monthly event. I mentioned that I’d prefer the meetings were moved to Wednesday afternoon or Tuesday or Thursday. This was accommodated with no issue. However, if it was not able to be changed, then I would adjust my gym schedule that week, every month. But I made my workout routine a priority, because it’s on my calendar.

This was supposed to be a picture of someone walking their dog, then I saw this face and couldn’t resist. Someone, please walk this dog! ❤

Use your calendar and book yourself gym appointments. This also applies to any exercise routine. Have an issue sticking to walking your dog? Book the time in your calendar, your dog will love you for it!

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