Food Combined Meal Ideas

A couple of posts ago, I shared that we are taking food combining quite seriously in our home. And, as promised, I said I was going to post some meal ideas. I thought the easiest way to do this would be to keep track of what we eat each week and post some of our better ideas. Also… I’m horrible at remembering to take pictures, so I will commit to improving on that in the coming weeks!

Other things I try to keep in mind when meal planning is keep it simple. Less complicated meals with fewer ingredients. I posted about that a bit ago also, see link above.

A few ideas from this week:

Breakfast (Protein): My Mother’s Day breakfast included poached eggs on a bed of spinach and fried mushrooms and onions with a couple slices of prosciutto salami. We’ve been wanting to try poached eggs for a while, not bad for a first try. (Looking for a good poached egg lesson, check out Jamie Oliver on YouTube.)

Lunch (Starches): Salad with a cucumber sandwich. The weather was beautiful so I enjoyed a garden salad with Chocolate Orange Dressing with a cucumber and spinach pumpernickel sandwich.

Supper (Starches): Baked jacket potatoes and a garden salad. This has become one of my favourite suppers. So simple and so yummy. I topped my potato with dilled corn, Tofutti Sour Cream (dairy-free for me) and fried onions.

I will get better at taking more pictures and add more ideas each week.

Also, I will share with you, that although we aim to eat as many properly combined meals as possible, we do make exceptions. We just try to make them using our brain, not our impulse. For example, I love peanut butter (no sugar, no salt added) or cashew butter (raw) on rye toast. It’s one of my favourite flavour combinations. So, I eat it…just not every day, it’s a treat. My husband enjoys tuna and crackers. In our Western world we’ve been raised to appreciate or associate certain flavours and since food combining really works with… well, almost none of them, it’s important to bend the rules a bit in order to be successful.

I also love my chocolate banana smoothie for breakfast. It’s still healthy, even though it breaks the “eat fruit alone” rule, but does fit in to my raw vegan focus; I’m willing to bend that one. And if you have a sharp eye, you’ll see I added some Granny Smith apple to my salad pictured above. I’m telling you this because, it’s not important to be perfect. Life is to be enjoyed. But respecting what nourishes our body – most of the time – allows us to enjoy life that much longer.

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