Recipe: Green Nourishment Smoothie

Here’s a new green smoothie recipe for you. If you’re new to adding greens to your smoothies, start with a little and work your way up over time. I’m way ahead of my husband in this category. As he put it, “This is good, but more of a sipper than a gulper.” Ha! Well that’s good, cuz it should be sipped!

I love the beautiful lime green colour of this smoothie.

Add the following ingredients to your blender:

  • 1 c pineapple – fresh or frozen
  • 1 kiwi, peeled
  • 1 mint leaf (or a 1/4 tsp dried)
  • a good few dashes of kelp granules
  • 1 c coconut water
  • 2 c cashew, almond or your favourite alternative “milk”
  • 2-3 rainbow chard leaves, spine removed

Blend until smooth. Enjoy!

What does this smoothie do for your body?

I’m now far enough into my course, I can share the good things that the ingredients in my recipes do for your body.


Cleanses, aids digestion, prevents blood clots, increases circulation, regulates the glands. Pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain which is used to reduce inflammation in the body. It is also helpful in reducing symptoms of or abating obesity, cancer, influenza, common cold, sore throat, allergies, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, liver and kidney ailments, just to name a few. Pineapples are loaded with nutrients.


Contains soluble fibre, pectin, which helps to control blood cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. A high source of vitamin C, K, potassium. I peeled the kiwi for my smoothie, however, the skin can be eaten. This fruit is a powerhouse of nutrition considering it’s small size.

Mint leaf:

Useful for easing insomnia, upset stomach, and nervous tension. It also helps the body break down fat by increasing bile flow. Mint also increases the number of phagocytes – cells that are capable of destroying pathogens, bacteria and cancer cells.


This is the generic name for edible species of flat, leaf-like brown algae. Kelp contains vitamins A, C, D, E and K and a rich source of minerals. A chief source of iodine which is essential for thyroid function. Used to revitalize gastrointestinal health and aid digestion. Important for stimulating the immune system. Naturally salty, it makes a great substitute for table salt.

Coconut water:

Is an excellent source of hydration and electrolytes. It may also benefit heart, blood sugar, and kidney health.

Cashew Milk:

Cashews are high in iron, patassium, magnesium, vitamin A. I use a store bought brand that is also fortified with calcium and vitamins B12 and D.

Rainbow Chard:

Improves digestion, boosts energy levels, excellent source of calcium along with a whole list of other nutrients.

Sources for this post:

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