Food Combined Meal Ideas 3

This week, as the weather finally warms up, my desire to focus on more raw vegan recipes starts to inspire some creative lunches.


Starch: I made a raw vegan vegetable “paté”, a blend of sunflower seeds, brazil nuts and cashews with whatever veggies I had on hand – red pepper, green onion, tomatoe, spinach… I can’t remember what else. I spread it on some rye crackers (not raw vegan) but it made a delicious light lunch that hit the spot.

Starch: That same veggie paté above, spread on an original rice cake, topped with avocado, kelp granules and a tiny drizzle of chocolate orange salad dressing.

Starch: OK, I goofed on this one by adding the blueberries. In food combining, fruit is eaten on it’s own on an empty stomach. So, ignore the blueberries, the rest is perfect! Original rice cake with baba gannouj (hummus/eggplant spread/dip – don’t knock it, even the kids love it!), cucumber slices, and sunflower seeds made a great combination. Cut veggies and seeds on the side, with some hummus to dip.

All three of these were refreshing light lunches on the really hot days we experienced this week.

Starch: My husband calls these “salad sandwiches.” Pumpernickel rye bread, lightly toasted with tomato and cucumber slices, mixed greens lettuce, and parsley. A sprinkle of kelp granules and fresh cracked pepper. I have a Daiya brand (dairy-free) chive and onion “cream cheese” spread that goes nicely with a “salad sandwich.”


Protein: Fresh smoked white fish (a gift from my mom) with asparagus.

Protein: Ground turkey and egg “scramble” with a variety of veggies – onion, mushrooms, red and green pepper.

Protein: Greek marinated chicken leg with a simple garden salad topped with dairy-free parmesan cheese. The Greek chicken was actually leftover from a gorgeous meal I forgot to photograph! (Sorry!) With that original meal the chicken was sided with a Mediterranean roasted zucchini/sun-dried tomatoe/onion dish, and an authentic Greek salad.

We’ve fallen a little bit into a pattern of starch lunches and protein suppers, but I’m hoping to change that up a bit as we go along.

Learn more about food combining.

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