What is holistic nutrition?

I’ve been taking a course to become a holistic nutritionist, and so many of my posts have included information I’m learning as I study. It dawned on me recently, that I don’t think I ever defined “holistic nutrition.”

Holistic nutrition is a well-rounded focus to find optimum health by natural means. “Holistic” or “well-rounded” meaning a focus on physical health, lifestyle, mental health, and spiritual health (in whatever realm that means to you). “Natural” or “nutrition” means whole foods and natural supplements (if needed).

Bodies are amazing machines that have the ability to fix what ails them given the proper nutrients and care. Holistic Nutritionists are guides to a healthy lifestyle, to help their clients feel better through natural means. They cannot claim to “cure” or “treat” or “diagnose” a disease, however, through an educated process based on conversation, questionnaires and observations, the client is offered several suggestions that may help improve symptoms they are experiencing through natural means of diet, supplementation, exercise and psychological support.

The beauty of natural nutrition is that it has a focus on trying to resolve health issues by finding the root cause, as compared to standard medicine that focuses more on alleviating symptoms. There is absolutely a place for standard medicine, there is no argument there. However, attempting to resolve the root of the problem by natural means could improve or eliminate the symptoms without the need for medications/ antibiotics that come with a whole host of side effects. It just makes sense.

Another important aspect of holistic nutrition is prevention. Improving a lifestyle through holistic means could mean preventing symptoms from ever forming. It could mean eliminating diseases before they even develop. It could mean feeling better before you even know you’re feeling worse.

Holistic nutrition is a self-regulated profession. Upon successful graduation from the Natural Nutrition course at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN), graduates receive the designation of R.H.N. (Registered Holistic Nutritionist) or C.H.N. (Certified Holistic Nutritionist). Graduates follow the Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics as set by CSNN.

PLEASE NOTE: I am a student of natural nutrition. I am not a doctor or naturopath, and not yet a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. I am excited about what I am learning and eager to pass along fun and useful information to my readers.

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