Food Combined Meal Ideas 4

This week I had some repeat meals from prior weeks, so I haven’t pictured those. I must say, avocado on hummus or baba gannouj on a plain rice cake, has become one of my favourite lunches! Also, the last couple of days, with the weather becoming milder, I am trying to put more emphasis on raw vegan meals for myself. As this way of eating doesn’t jive with my family so much, I find it easier to be flexible with suppers which is the main meal we eat as a family.

Well, let’s get into the meals above:

Neutral: This salad was neither protein nor starch focused as all the ingredients fall under the “neutral” label, which means foods that can be eaten with either type of meal. The salad ingredients are zucchini, mushrooms, purple onion, parsley, and radish with a creamy dressing. The dressing recipe is from CleanFoodCrush on Instagram (if you don’t follow, you should!) She called for Greek yogurt, which would then make this a protein meal, however, since I can’t have dairy, I used coconut plain yogurt (which tastes just like the real thing). Other ingredients in the dressing included garlic, onion, dill and lemon juice.

Protein: Fish and veggies in cashew cream sauce. So we’re not perfect all the time, yep that’s breaded haddock, so a bit of a cheat there. The cashew cream turned out amazing and I will post the recipe. I overestimated the ratio of cream sauce to veggies, so, umm… normally I would have more veggies than sauce. Not the best showing of a meal, but it’s (mostly) combined properly – basically the idea is fish and veggies in dairy or cashew cream sauce is a great protein meal idea!

Starch: Tomato, cucumber and lettuce with Daiya dairy-free Onion and Chive cream “cheese” spread with a sprinkle of kelp on pumpernickel rye – lightly toasted. Complete with a side of carrot sticks and hummus. Love these fresh and light meals.

Protein: “Cobb” Salad. Whatever garden salad ingredients you like – I take some liberties from a traditional recipe. We used mixed greens as the base and added cucumber, tomato, green onion, radish. Then proteins we added are rotisserie chicken, bacon (a rare treat in our home), hard boiled eggs and, in my bowl, dairy-free Parmesan cheese.

Starch: One of my favourite easy dishes – baked potatoes with salad. Because I use dairy-free Tofutti sour cream, I have it on my potatoes. Note that adding regular dairy sour cream would make this meal non-compliant for proper food combining. I also top it with some fried onions.

Protein: My hubby came up with this amazing stir-fry. Peas, tomato, purple onion, yellow peppers, yellow onion, mushrooms, rainbow chard, carrots and thinly sliced steak with Korean BBQ seasoning. This one was a new recipe and a keeper!

Starch: Zucchini Chickpea Fritters with dairy-free coconut yogurt tzatziki sauce. I save a lot of recipe videos on Facebook, and then forget about them. The other day I took a peek at what I’ve saved and came across these fritters. And they were amazing! Hubby and I enjoyed them, the kids not so much. (Which confuses me, they like carrots, zucchini and chickpeas! – KIDS!) Anyway, I served them with a simple salad of mixed greens, purple onion, yellow pepper, sunflower seeds (and a non-compliant apple. The kids love when I add apple to salad, so I make the important, occasional, exception.)

This completes my week four featured meals. I hope you are starting to see, as we are learning too, that there are so many meal options that fit into properly combined meals. Eating this way makes digestion so much easier for your body, and efficient digestion is important. A slow sluggish system can lead to many diseases — you want food in, processed, and out!

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