Food Combined Meal Ideas 5

I have another week of meal idea fun to share with you. So let’s get right to it.

Starch: Vegan chili and garlic marble rye toast with a sprinkle of non-dairy Parmesan cheese.

Starch: The kids wanted quesadillas, so I went on a hunt for a non-cheese recipe. Found it on Yup! It’s Vegan! I made a few minor accommodations, oh and that’s non-dairy sour cream in the picture. These were amazing. Hubby approved! (And no, I didn’t eat the whole plate! This was supper and lunch the next day, they were so filling!)

Starch: Salad sandwich on pumpernickel rye, including some tasty home-grown sprouts with carrots and hummus on the side.

Protein: Turkey Sloppy Joes garnished with sprouts (no bun!) and broccoli coleslaw.

Starch: Vegan Stuffed Cheesey Bell Peppers with dairy-free queso cheese and a side salad. The stuffed bell peppers are from on Instagram. However, I used a delicious Queso Cheese recipe from Minimalist Baker. I will absolutely make these again, even the kids had seconds.

Starch: Cut veggies – mushrooms, orange pepper, radish, carrots with baba gannouj dip, an original rice cake with hummus, and an amazing green juice (carrot juice and water, celery and spinach blended).

We actually ate several vegan meals this past week, so it looks like several of our meals fall under “starches.” Keep in mind, that most foods have a combination of carbohydrates and protein. The way they are categorized for food combining is which one has a higher percentage and then falls under that category. From this week, a good example is quinoa (in the stuffed peppers). It’s a grain so falls under starches in the way the body digests it, however it’s the only plant grain that contains a complete protein so is highly recommended for vegan diets. Spinach has lots of protein too, however it falls under the neutral category as do most veggies.

This is why some people argue that food combining doesn’t matter, because most foods contain both protein and some form of starch. However, because of the percentages, the body can only digest one or the other efficiently, at one time. Whichever percentage is higher, gets the attention, which is also why it’s okay to have a little bit of exception, in general condiments or very small amounts of the opposite category will not affect your digestion, provided you have healthy digestion to start with.

I hope you try some of these recipes and let me know what you think!

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