Food Combined Meal Ideas 6

I figured this would happen at some point — a week where it looked like we didn’t do so well. That’s not really the case. It’s just we had some repeat meals and leftovers and there’s no point in re-posting those as they are in past posts.

I have three amazing properly food-combined suppers to share with you from this week.

Starches: Spaghetti and vegan tomato sauce. This was the best tomato sauce I’ve ever made. I will be posting the recipe! The spaghetti was a quinoa/rice blend, and it tasted amazing with a somewhat creamy texture. I also topped it with dairy-free Parmesan. And there’s garlic toast on the side (made at home, on rye.)

Protein: Korean BBQ chicken breast with cauliflower-rice veggie stir-fry. I will talk more about this cauliflower instead of rice stand-in in a future post, but the short story is – found it at Costco and WOW!

Protein: I forgot to take a picture of one, sorry! But it was a super simple supper of rotisserie chicken and cut vegetables — carrots, radish, celery, orange pepper, and cucumber. I used a raw vegan dill cashew salad dressing to dip my veggies. It was a nice light meal.

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