Food Combining Meal Ideas 8

This week I have four new ideas for you as we enjoyed some repeat meals.

I have decided that this will be the last time that I make this “meal idea” post weekly. I will continue to make these posts randomly as I gather fresh meal ideas over time.

The photos below feature:

Protein: Roasted chicken breast with oregano and a bit of olive oil, on roasted sliced carrots with steamed peas and raw cherry tomatoes.

Starch: Loaded garden salad with mixed greens, red pepper, radish, avocado and (not compliant but I threw in just a few blueberries). I added a plain rice cake with hummus spread.

Neutral: Garden salad with mixed greens, cucumber, red pepper, fennel, pumpkin seeds, and a few crispy onions sprinkled on top for a salty crunch.

Protein: Italian sausage, broccoli “meat” balls, roasted carrot fries. We also had a lemon almond (non-dairy) yogurt to dip the veggies.

Posting these meal ideas each week has helped us keep top-of-mind re-framing how we put meals together. We’ve been building this habit to properly combine our meals as often as possible and it’s been much easier than we thought. While at the same time really tapping into our creativity.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this weekly series and been inspired to put your meals together a little differently. ❤

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