Easy Swap: rice to cauliflower rice

There are some challenges when converting to a properly food combined meal plan when you’re accustomed to a Western diet. I was at Costco recently and found “cauliflower rice” and thought, perfect, a “rice” that we can have with protein meals.

I used it in a stir-fry recipe and I couldn’t believe it – I was worried it would get mushy or mashed with stirring – it didn’t. Albeit I was conscious of not wanting to damage it, but it held up great. The cauliflower absorbed the stir-fry flavours just like rice – meaning the stir-fry tasted like stir-fry and not cauliflower. That’s important, because cauliflower is not my favourite vegetable, on the other hand my hubby loves it. The kids couldn’t tell the difference and asked for seconds.

We were finally able to have a “rice” and chicken meal, which turned out divine. Try this “rice” easy swap!

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