Eye opener: There isn’t just one solution.

I have started listening to a podcast called Today is the Day with (Canadian) wife and husband team, Meghan Telpner, nutritionist, and Josh Gitalis, Functional Medicine Practitioner. I’m getting a lot of practical and useful nutritional information from them and recommend giving them a listen. Their audience would be for those interested in down to earth discussion about improving their health and well being, and interested in the nuances of healthy living, they also debunk some internet rumours along the way.

Yesterday, I was listening to the June 24, 2019 episode and they mentioned something that struck me as an “eye opener.”

As I study about nutrition, obviously, I’m finding out all kinds of information about foods and supplements and how they relate to specific health issues. On my personal radar are helping hands for blood sugar control, weight loss, mental health and anti-stress anything! Like so many people, I’m looking for the miracle message — do this one thing and all those problems will be solved! Realistically, I know that’s not possible, but isn’t there this little bit inside each of us that hopes there is just one simple solution? The gold at the end of rainbow?

Building layers is a fine balance.

While listening to the podcast yesterday, Meghan and Josh talked about layers. Start with one change. Pay attention. Does it make a positive or negative change in your body, mind, life? If it’s making positive changes — Great! That’s just the start. Now make the next change. Pay attention. Does it feel good? — Great! Adjust, make the next change, pay attention… and so on. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

Eye opener: There is no one solution to fix any one problem. It takes layers and layers of changes and adjustments to diet, lifestyle and supplements to resolve health issues or to improve or achieve a healthy life. We all know there’s no quick fix, but there’s also no one fix.

It seems so obvious. And on an outward level when talking to others, I already knew that, it’s logical and makes sense. But when applying it to myself, and dealing with my own self-talk, knowing that and acting upon it seem to be oceans apart. I realize I need to change my perspective on myself.

I know that in practice, it makes sense to start with nutrition and lifestyle and then look to supplements to further enhance a healthy life. But it’s like I was still holding out for some one secret ingredient to be revealed to apply to me. On the other hand, when I consider the last decade of my life, as I have journeyed towards healthier choices, I have in fact done so in layers to get me to where I am now. (Usually, one step forward, two steps back!) But with each change I also hoped, maybe this one is the one!

There was just something about hearing it said so blatantly — there is no one thing that resolves a health problem or creates a healthy lifestyle. It’s a multitude of things that all combine together to make a person healthy and feel empowered from the inside out.

So if you’re looking to feel better about your health and/or lifestyle, just start with one thing. If it’s working stick with it and then add the next thing. Repeat.

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