Bulk & Store: chicken

We visited my mom and her friend recently and they had roasted a whole chicken on the BBQ for supper. I always buy chicken in pieces. But when I think about it, why? It’s expensive. I guess there are times when you want just boneless skinless breast meat, sure, but it’s not always necessary.

My hubby and I decided to try roasting a whole chicken on the BBQ. However, we have a pretty big BBQ. I asked him how many chickens he thought could fit on the BBQ? I mean, it takes the same energy and propane to cook one chicken as it does… how many? “Three,” he says.

Two and half hours later, we had three cooked chickens. We ate some of one for supper that evening and left the rest to cool.

Which we then cut up and separated into meal-portioned freezer bags. We ended up with four more family meals, three meals for just the boys (chicken drumsticks and wings), and lots of beautiful broth-making “waste.”

The next day, I boiled up chicken broth for several hours and (almost floored my mother when I told her) I had 20 jars of broth in the freezer. Of course, I gave some to my mom. It’s delicious to cook rice or quinoa in instead of water. I’m only beginning to discover the uses of having so much broth on hand.

I’ve certainly be learning a lot over the past while, maybe food preparation and having good food on hand is a COVID silver-lining.

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