New Website & Blog Announcement

Hello to everyone who has read this blog over the past years! I have an exciting new announcement. As you know, I’ve been a student of holistic nutrition for some time and I have recently received my Culinary Nutrition Expert certification as well as my stress management consultancy.

I have a new website called Nutrition in Real Life with Suzanne Goulden.

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My new blog posts follow similar content I was providing here. Talking about good choices for health with a heightened focus on stress management and nutrition.

Check out my new blog posts:

What is Stress?

The 3 A’s of Coping with Stress

Eating for Each Season

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I appreciate every reader! Thank you for following A Flexitarian Journey.

This is my final post here. Follow my new blog to continue to read this content!

Visit my website.

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  1. princessjenn77 says:

    Yay!!!! So proud of you!!!

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