How to peel a pomegranate.

pomegranate-3259161_1920I have seen this explained on Facebook, but you know, Facebook videos are not always to be believed, so I think when we try a concept and it works, we should tell each other.

I couldn’t figure out how to peel a pomegranate so avoided buying them prior to learning this trick.

All you need is a bowl filled three quarters of the way with water. I use lukewarm water because why suffer with cold fingers?

2018-10-22 20.19.261.  Score the skin of the pomegranate from top to bottom in at about five or six places around the fruit. Careful to cut through the outer layer, but not to cut the seeds inside.

2018-10-22-20-20-06.jpg2. Carefully peel back the skin from one part of the pomegranate,  it will likely break apart in sections, this is good.

3. Hold the section in the water and gently pick and rub seeds away from the pith (the white skin-like pieces.)

2018-10-22 20.30.584. You’ll notice that the red seeds all sink to the bottom of the bowl, while the pith floats at the top.

5. Repeat number 3 for all the sections of the fruit, until you’ve removed all of the seeds.

2018-10-22 20.31.106. Using a strainer, run it around the water at the top to collect the pith and discard into your compost bucket.


2018-10-22 20.32.26

7. Pour the seeds into your strainer over the sink and allow to drain for a few minutes.

2018-10-22 20.34.21


8. Store in an air tight container in the refrigerator.


Pomegranate seeds make excellent toppings for salads and additions to smoothies. Or just eat them straight up.



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