Sprouting in 5 Easy Steps.

I’ve been making my own sprouts for the last little while and love how easy it is, and of course how healthy they are.

2018-10-22 17.14.29I purchased a sprouting jar at my local health food store. A sprouting jar is a glass vessel with a mesh lid. You can also use a glass jar and cheese cloth attached with an elastic around the mouth if you prefer.

2018-10-22 17.13.36

The health food stores also have several pre-packed seed mixes so you can make sprouts of all kinds: alfalfa, broccoli, mung bean, just to name a few.

Growing sprouts is really simple and takes no time. Here’s the steps:

2018-10-22 17.16.371) Add two tablespoons (or follow package directions) of seeds to the jar.

2) Rinse the seeds really well and drain.

3) Add water to about half way up the jar so seeds are well covered. Again, follow the directions on the package, but typically, leave the seeds to soak in the water for 6-8 hours. I either do this step first thing in the morning, or right before bed.  2018-10-22 17.18.192018-10-22 17.20.08

4) Drain the seeds by tipping the jar on an angle, so the water drains  slowly. Once sprouted, the plants are more fragile so work with care. I use a drying rack in my sink to help support the jar at an angle.

Leave the jar inverted, at an angle, in the sink so it can drain. Cover it with a dark coloured towel, sprouting happens best in darkness. 2018-10-23 08.42.01

5) Then, twice a day, rinse the seeds. I do this in the morning and before bed. Gently add water to the jar, swirl the seeds around, then carefully drain by inverting it at an angle. Recover with the towel and repeat for about 5 days (again, follow package directions, some seeds need more or less sprouting time.)

Here’s a recent batch of our sprouts:

Day 1 and 2 look pretty much the same:

2018-10-23 08.41.43

Day 3:

2018-10-25 08.00.39

Day 4:

2018-10-26 07.58.26

Day 5, ready!

2018-10-29 08.49.04

All those sprouts from just 2 tbsp of seeds!

These sprouts taste amazing because they’re truly organic, and let’s face it — you can say you grew them! I love them best on salads and in sandwiches.

2018-08-30 11.45.20

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