You mean carrots can cure acne?

Diet and NutritionI’m into the part of Diet & Nutrition, A Holistic Approach, that really interests me — Vitamins. I’m totally amazed at how a small amount of a vitamin can affect the body in amazing ways. And the side effects of too much or too little is fascinating.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is widely available in nature and produces pigments such as bright orange, yellow or red. The most common form of carotene ingested by people is beta carotene  available in green and yellow fruit and veggies. Our bodies convert carotene into vitamin A.

Acne can occur when the body is deficient in vitamin A and zinc.

carrot-juice-1623157_1920Carrots have a particularly high concentration of beta carotene, as do leafy greens. According to Diet & Nutrition, a daily intake of fresh carrot juice or carrot mixed with leafy greens combo juice or smoothie will naturally raise the vitamin A in the body thus reducing acne.

A couple of things to note:

  • Ingesting massive doses of fruit and veggies that have carotene can cause a yellow tinge to the skin. (This can be differentiated from jaundice as jaundice effects the whites of the eyes.)
  • Loading up on 50,000 units plus per day of Vitamin A [through tablets] can cause overdosing symptoms of bone/joint pain, fatigue, insomnia, hair loss, dry lips, loss of appetite, liver enlargement. Relief of these symptoms are quick once vitamin A intake is stopped.
  • There is no indication of risk to overdosing on vitamin A when consumed naturally as beta carotene such as through fruit and vegetables.

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